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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

26/8-1/9/09: in my garden and up the road

26/8 - 1 x Green-veined White
27/8 - 1 x Common Darter Dragonfly
28/8 - at least 17 Starlings took off from a run of Rhododendrons in a neighbouring property that adjoins my garden

- 1 x Yellow Shell moth

- this (so far) unidentified species of moth:

- this Square-Spot Rustic moth:

- 1 x 22-spot Ladybird
- 1 x Silver Y moth

- this Small Blood-vein moth:

- 3 x Vine Weevils on top of Sedum spectabile flower heads (after dark)

- 1 x Painted Lady
- 1 x very ragged Common Blue butterfly
- 1 x Fox lying in the middle of the road at 10 p.m., at the crest of the hill just round the corner, whilst another was crossing the tarmac half way down my road

- 1 x Wood Mouse on compost heap

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