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Sunday, 6 September 2009

6/9/09: Lesnes Abbey to Erith (part 1 - Thamesmead and Erith Marshes south of Eastern Way)

There was lots of Dwarf Mallow by the Green Chain Walk through Thamesmead.

A few interesting plants were growing on a somewhat bare, 'weedy' corner by Wolvercote Way near the aerial walkway, including Sun Spurge, a young Cucurbit plant of some sort and this possible Scotch Thistle seedling.

There were a lot of Marsh Yellow Cress plants growing on the walkway itself, with small auricles at the leaf bases.

A Black Knapweed and some Silverweed were noted by paths towards a field of horses - in which there were some 57 Carrion Crows and a Kestrel overhead - just west of Southmere Lake.

A solitary male Common Blue Damselfly was seen in a dry ditch.

This Wild Parsnip was pictured near the base of the Green Chain Walk signpost.

Red Clover clumps, tending to have stronger leaf markings than is sometimes the case, dotted a strip of land cut for hay, immediatly south of Eastern Way.

There were lots of Wild Roses sporting quite a lot of Robin's Pincushions, caused by a Gall Wasp (Diplolepis rosae).

Rose, looking west back towards Thamesmead

Hawthorn fruits and Rose with Robin's Pincushion gall

A Viper's Bugloss (or possibly two), just about still in flower, was spotted in a tangle of vegetation on the road embankment just west of the overhead power lines. 46 Canada Geese were in a field here.

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