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Saturday, 5 September 2009

4 and 5/9/09: Through the train window - Barnehurst to Hove

Two trips from Barnehurst to Hove (via London Bridge), only the outward legs in daylight. The following is a snapshot of some of the lineside plants identifiable from the train windows.

A Pyracantha noted on the bank between the overground lines and Underground depot at New Cross, and another between the running lines just south of Horley station.

Rather strangely, there was a strip of Common Reed at the *top* of a low cutting just south of New Cross Gate station.

Some Gorse just before Honor Oak Park.

Patch of Silver Birch and a couple of Gorse near Selhurst Depot.

Lots of Clematis vitalba north of Reedham. lots of Ash south of Reedham and on to Salfords.

Tall Horsetails just south of Three Bridges, and a few Heather in flower a little further on. Lots of Silver Birch kicking in south of this station.

Several Broom a bit north of Hayward's Heath, with Hemp Agrimony just south of the station (one plant of this seen earlier at Horley).

Common Toadflax and Ox-eye Daisy around Wivelsfield.

Big patch of Hemp Agrimony south of Burgess Hill.

Several Purple Toadflax just north of Hassocks station, also one Gorse, and a couple of Pine saplings in the ballast immediatly south of the station. More Hemp Agrimony further to the south of it - plus further stands a little north of Preston Park.

Some Red Valerian just outside Brighton station on the west side.

Hove: 4 Black Nightshade at the foot of a street tree near the station. Corydalis lutea and Ivy-leaved Toadflax in front gardens on Norton Rd. Wall Rue (Asplenium ruta-muraria) in the wall of St. Andrews Church, Church Rd., and Common Mallow and Ground Ivy in the churchyard.

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