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Monday, 14 September 2009

14/9/09: Papaver rupifragum and other aliens in Bexleyheath

This orange poppy is what I've always considered to be Papaver rupifragum (Spanish Poppy) which I occasionally found in Bristol as an escape. It always seems to be semi-double. These plants were in the lawn (suggesting they weren't deliberately planted) by flats at the junction of Ethronvi Rd. and Pickford Rd., Bexleyheath. Some weeks ago I came across another specimen by the Lavernock Rd. entrance to the hospital premises at Bursted Wood.

I hadn't previously noticed that this tree behind the Bexleyheath station 'up' platform is a Sessile Oak - leaves a bit broader and glossier than Pedunculate Oak, plus stalked leaves and unstalked (sessile) acorns as opposed to unstakled leaves and stalked (pedunculate) acorns.

Male Hop in flower by Station Rd. and Bridge Rd. junction at the east end of Bexleyheath station.

This Virginia Creeper could be spreading out of an adjoining garden, but I am increasingly finding apparently 'self sown' wild plants. This specimen is starting to take hold on a bridge just east of Bexleyheath station, and is smothering a large part of the cutting side in the background.

This fruiting Ribes sanguineum (left), a non-native ornamental, has established itself on the railway cutting side by Station Rd., between Glengall Rd. and Church Rd.

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