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Thursday, 3 September 2009

3/9/09: Barnehurst allotment Lizard blizzard

At least 7 (and possibly more) different individual Common Lizards on my Dad's allotment at the Grasmere Rd site in Barnehurst today.

A sometimes blustery cool breeze, and the odd bit of dark cloud, were enough to lower the temperature to a level at which the Lizards needed to come out and bask quite a bit. The two salvaged car tyres again proved popular, with a record-equalling 4 animals using one, and 2 using the other. Here are some pictures of them (taken on a 3MP mobile phone cam, without good close focussing - so some have been cropped and enlarged ......).

As usual, the majority of the Lizards seen (5 out of 7) were on the banking below the main path, either side of the steps

View of the most popular tyre - part-buried, with bits of rubble and a clump of grass in the centre

Two adults on a tyre

Two adults on tyre, one to right trying to be inconspicuous

Adult on one of the bits of rock placed in 'embayments' cut in the grass on the bank. These provide additional basking sites

Very young lizard poses for the camera on the mound of a disused ant's nest

Two's company as a second youngster - with a re-grown tail - appears (right)

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