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Monday, 31 August 2009

31/8/09: Welling Hop stop

I had to go to Welling and back in a hurry, so took the train.

I'd noted the Hop growing on the fence behind the 'up' platform of Welling station a long time ago, but had not previously got off a train here.

There were several Hop (Humulus lupulus) plants on a grassy bank on the opposite side of Station Approach, probably at least five, one a female with cones:

Female Hop plant by Welling station, carrying the cones that are used to impart the bitterness to British beer

There was also a seedling of Virginia Creeper, several Common Toadflax in flower and local staples such as Hogweed, Black Horehound, Mugwort and Rocket sp. There was a patch of Bracken on a bank at the junction with Central Avenue.

There was yet another Hop by the path between the 'Plough and Harrow' public house and the Shell garage on Bellegrove Rd.

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