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Thursday, 13 August 2009

13/8/09: Barnehurst Golf Course/Mayplace Rd East/Perry St

There were recently emerged baby Common Toads in my brother's garden on Mayplace Rd East, near Crayford Manor House. Toads had bred in his pond this year, although it isn't especially large. Amphibians larvae had benefitted fron a fault with the filter, which had emptied the pond and killed the larger fish.

A plant of Common Calamint was spotted growing out from under a hedge at the entrance to the Manor House lodge, my third record of it in Barnehurst.

Earlier, I had seen a Comma butterfly on Barnehurst Golf Course. There was a Holly Blue and a Painted Lady along the Perry St perimeter.

An unidentified Hawker Dragonfly species was repeatedly checking out the Hawthorn hedge along the northern margin of the site. There was a good show of Bird's-foot Trefoil flowers along the base of the hedge by the path on the south-facing side.

About 20 House Sparrows flew out of a bramble thicket down behind Taunton Close.

A couple of Black Knapweed growing in shadier positions were still in flower. Others in full sun had gone to seed. A new record for me on this site was a couple of Spindle shrubs in a 'clearing' behind the line of Field Maple down towards Old Manor Way. It wasn't clear whether these were planted or not. A 2' 6" specimen appeared to be self-sown.

I had also gone, for the first time, along the footpath to the east of Perry St, by Perry St Farm, that leads to Ashurst Close. The most noteworthy things were some 20 Common St. John's Wort, several Crow Garlic (Allium vineale) and 5 White Campion.

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