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Monday, 10 August 2009

10/8/09: More North Heath alley action

From the three alleyways between Brook Street and Bexley Rd (London Borough of Bexley):

Painted Lady butterflies were seen 4 times, far enough apart that they probably represented at least 3 different individuals.

There were a number of Small Whites, feeding on Black Horehound flowers, and flitting around Wall Rocket.

A species of Dragonfly (probably one of the Hawkers) was seen, but wouldn't settle so I was unable to get an ID.

On the botanical front there were 3 Potato plants in various places, some 6 specimens of the related Black Nightshade, several Lesser Burdock, a group of 3 Sun Spurge and a number of Perennial Sow-thistles along the foot of a wall.

Another Composite I've got a grip on is Hawkweed Ox-tongue, pictured here:-

The Caper Spurge was now covered in seed pods, and has a touch of rust disease:-

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