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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

8/7/09: Barnehurst to Brighton

- Pristine Comma butterfly in the garden this morning

- White-flowered Buddleia in retaining wall, East Croydon station
- Several Opium Poppies in former goods yard (now car park) South Croydon
- Lots of Clematis vitalba on'up' embankment top, north of Purley
- Coltsfoot at Earlswood
- Himalayan Balsam and Meadowsweet in ditch south of Gatwick
- Lots of Wild Carrot in ballast of disused sidings, plus about 20 Aaron's Rod (Verbascum thapsus) Three Bridges
- Gorse and Bracken starting to appear
- Several Hemp Agrimony (a frequent 'weed' of disturbed ground and odd corners when I was in Bristol) on cutting side as Ardingly branch joins the main line north of Haywards Heath station
- Very large stand of Weld plants just south of Haywards Heath
- More Hemp Agrimony just north of Burgess Hill and either side of Hassocks
- Ivy-leaved Toadflax and Hart's-tongue Fern in courtyard of Brighton Eco Centre

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