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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

29/7/09: Jersey Tiger Moths in Streatham

I saw two Jersey Tiger moths (Euplagia quadripunctaria), an exotic-looking, nationally scarce species and suspected immigrant, near Streatham Hill station yesterday evening - before dusk. It is cited as being active by day.

The first one was spotted by me, on the upper side of an Ivy leaf in a scrappy little car park above the west end of the station on Sternhold Avenue. The second was first noticed by another member of the group I was with, sitting on Lime, just over the other side of the railway line by a slip road to the rail depot off Drewstead Road.

I was in Streatham to help with a South London Botanical Institute

survey of some waste ground in the area. This didn't turn up a great deal of interest, the most notable specimens being some 'escaped' Erigeron karvinskianus, Campanula persicifolia and Leycesteria formosana on Blairderry Rd, the latter two behind the closed cinema, a non-native, but unidentifiable Clematis on the railway embankment and a Wall Lettuce in a garden on Drewstead Rd.

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