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Saturday, 25 July 2009

25/7/09: Butterflies, birds and a buried newt

In my Barnehurst garden today:

- 1 x Peacock butterfly, possinly the same one as the other day
- several Gatekeepers, including a mating pair
- 1 x Speckled Wood

- 1 x Greenfinch (the first for a while)
- 1 x Dunnock

- 3 x 22-spot Ladybirds on an Aquilegia plant. This species eats fungi (mildew) on the soil surface or on low-growing plants.

A good site for helping identify Ladybirds is:

And then there was a male Smooth Newt, found hiding out in a plastic sack amongst stones being kept to put in the foundations when repairing terracing in this hillside garden. The species has been seen in a pond next door, but this is the first one in my garden for a very long time.

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