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Friday, 3 July 2009

3/7/09: Slow Worm in compost heap. More moths.

Found a Slow Worm in the wooden garden compost bins in my Barnehurst garden for the first time ever. A large male, blue-spotted and with an undamaged tail, on top of material emptied out of flower pots and directly under a black plastic sheet that keeps the moisture in to aid rotting. I've seen Slow Worms under carpet tiles, in soggy kitchen scraps sweltering in the heat of the noon-day sun, in compost bins on my former allotment site in Bristol. But they had slatted sides with gaps in them. Not sure how this chap got into mine, which are fairly solid all round. At any rate, he'd worked his way to 32" above ground level ..... That makes three different individuals in the last few weeks, with the animal in one of the piles deliberately designed to attract them (see 24th June posting) still there.

After a run of poor nights, there were a few larger moths at the lounge window tonight.

Small Magpie (Eurrhypara hortulata) feeds mainly on nettles, but also Horehound (plenty of Black Horehound around here) and Mints, of which I have a collection of varieties in the garden.

Not totally convinced I've got the ID right, but this may be The Clay (Mythimna ferrago). Had much darker, dusky-brown (under fluorescent light) hind-wings.

Also a Cabbage Moth (Mamestra brassicae).

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