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Sunday, 5 July 2009

5/7/09: Evening light across the valley

There's a great view from the top corner of my garden, way out to three ridges away and into Kent. The evening sun lights up the valley through which the Bexleyheath railway line runs out onto an embankment towards Dartford, and with a pair of binoculars one can look down on small groups of birds flapping lazily above the red-tiled houses and trees.

Looking south across Barnehurst towards the Bexleyheath railway line, with Kent in the distance

There were about 30 Swifts south of the railway line, seemingly on a level with the distant planes heading for Heathrow, and small groups of Starlings and squawking Ring-necked Parakeets.

Earlier in the day there had been a Green-veined White butterfly in the garden, and the first Speckled Wood for a while. Back in the late 70's ,when I did my first period of recording, there were no Speckled Woods to be seen in my garden. Instead the Wall butterfly was a frequent visitor. Now there are no Walls to be found in these parts. There was a female Bee Moth indoors. After dark there were a couple of Lacewings at the lounge window, along with a couple of additions to my growing moth list:

Brimstone moth

Brimstone moth (underside)

Riband Wave moth

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