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Saturday, 8 May 2010

8/5/10: Oxleas Wood

A strong turnout on today's London Natural History Society field meeting, starting from Falconwood railway station.

This Yellow Archangel, now more often seen in it's variegated form as a garden escape, was seen in woodland on the east side of Rochester Way, heading north away from Falconwood railway station. Unfortunately there were several Giant Hogweed plants here.

There was a Star of Bethlehem, identified as subspecies umbellatum, near the junction of Rochester Way and Welling Way.

A single plant of Tellima grandiflora, the sweetly-scented Rhododendron luteum and the garden form of Solomon's Seal were other 'exotics' found.

Having not been in these woods for around 30 years since (I think) I was stunned by the number of Wild Service trees (Sorbus torminalis) a very uncommon species, especially near Shooter's Hill. In some places it was the dominant tree, at least at medium height.

Hypericum maculatum was found along one of the woodland edges.

We had some grass/sedge experts with us and a number of species were identified including Luzula forsteri , L. pilosa, L. sylvatica, Remote Sedge, Wood Sedge, Wood Millet and Wood Melick,

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