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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

19/5/10: Danson Park - orchid surprise

I don't recall going to Danson Park (on the Bexleyheath / Welling border) since I was a sixth-former (1978-ish ....), so was interested in checking out the wildlife situation over there.

Much of it is formal/heavily mown grass, but there is now a largish, fenced-off wildlife area with a jungly array of tall trees and other vegetation largely surrounded by water.

Wildlife area, Danson Park

Expanse of mown grass - a representative of a Friends Group wrote to me saying they were lobbying the Council to create meadow areas

I was pleasantly surprised to find a lone Common Spotted Orchid. I went back some days later with my mate Jonathan Rooks who is involved with Bexley Heritage Trust who oversee Danson Park, and he got a GPS fix on it. By this time it had been somewhat chewed up, by the resident Geese, we thought.

Common Spotted Orchid near Danson Park lake

Other plants noted included:

Bulbous Buttercup


Spotted Medick


Water Mint


Fool's Watercress

1 x Barbarea sp.

Buck's-horn Plantain

Birds included:

Around 23 Starlings

3 Ring-necked Parakeets

Several Long-tailed Tits

1 Great Tit

1 Blue Tit

3 Tufted Duck

1 Chiff-chaff (heard)

1 Robin

Several Canada Geese

6 Coot

3 Moorhen


1 Mute Swan

1 Grey Heron

4 Swifts

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