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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

26/5/10: Along Thames Road and down at the Wetland - Goatsbeard and Marsh Frogs

The grassy-leaved Composite Goatsbeard had come to relative prominence today, specimens being seen in flower in Eversley Avenue, along parts of Thames Rd and in a couple of gardens on Crayford Way :

Goatsbeard in flower in a shrub bed on Thames Road

A single plant of Sainfoin, which I haven't seen in this location before, was noted in flower in the interesting 'weedy' areas around the Perry Street roundabout. 6 White Campion were also in flower here.

Another attempt was made to get some photographs of the Marsh Frogs at the wetland, but they jump into the water as soon as disturbed (which is before you see them) and don't re-surface for ages. When they do, the slightest movement causes them to quickly submerge again. This is the best shot I got .....

Marsh Frog (Rana ridibunda) at the Thames Road Wetland site

There was a fair amount of Odonatan activity. A female Hairy Dragonfly was seen ovipositing along this channel:

This channel between narrow banks at Thames Road Wetland sees Dragonfly and Marsh Frog activity

Blue-tailed Damselfly on an old Reedmace stem at TRW

A Large Red Damselfly perches on a Creeping Buttercup flower at TRW

Large numbers of Blue-tailed Damselflies were along the north side of the site, below the Sewer Embankment. There was also a male Banded Demoiselle here, the first of this species that I've seen within the TRW 'bowl' proper. Lots more Blue-tails and a number of Azure Damselflies were on the Nettle/Comfrey bank between the deep water part of the site and the Wansunt. Some Water Boatmen of Notonecta sp. were seen, along with a small fish (though no fish have been deliberately introduced to the waters here).

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