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Saturday, 22 May 2010

22/5/10: Maxim Rd Cray clean-up / Crayford Rough insects

A Cray Riverkeepers clean-up session off Maxim Road today.

Wading upstream picking up plastic and rubbish (old tiles mainly) off the river bed.

Marsh Thistles by Maxim Rd.

Chinese Mitten Crab by the gated bridge off Maxim Rd. A Large Red Damselfly was seen. Also 4 male Banded Demoiselles flitting about like butterflies - I got my face to within 5 inches of one as it sat on a leaf. Spotted a Peacock Butterfly on the bank.

Semi-double white rose, a relic of cultivation on the derelict industrial site over the river from Maxim Road

I later explored Crayford Rough for the first time (between this industrial area and Hall Place)

The attractive grassy scrubland of Crayford Rough

Highlights here were:

1 x male Orange Tip Butterfly

2 x Common Blue Butterfly

1 x Green Hairstreak Butterfly (my first record of it in Bexley Borough)

1 x Green-veined White Butterfly

2 Whitethroats foraging

Several Apple type saplings

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