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Saturday, 22 May 2010

22/5/10: Thames Road Wetland - crash chaos

A quarter past 7 p.m. on a sunny May evening, and all looks peaceful at Thames Road Wetland

Now road traffic accidents aren't a typical threat to nature conservation work, but a delivery lorry had managed to career off the Thames Rd at an improbably sharp angle, had demolished part of the wooden fence, gone up the bank and flattened a traffic sign in the process .....

Elsewhere on the site - predominantly the south and east banks - the waterside was rimmed by a broad yellow band of Creeping Buttercup.

Slender Thistles (Carduus tenuiflorus), common on the bare soil areas of the site, were coming into flower, as here:-

There were 2 Rabbits in the bowl of the TRW itself. A teneral (freshly-emerged) Large Red Damselfly was on the Sewer Embankment, as was a modest-sized Common Lizard. 4 Whirligig Beetles were on the canalized River Wansunt. There were 2 largish Geese on the wet fields south of the Sewer Embankment. My notes (including orange bill) suggest Greylag or Bean, but I'm not great on goose ID.

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