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Saturday, 17 April 2010

17/4/2010: First Speckled Wood of year, Wood Anemones open wide

More spring is sprung in Barnehurst ....

Bursted Wood on a sunny afternoon and the Wood Anemone flowers are open wide. As are the golden blooms of Lesser Celandine. Two Speckled Wood butterflies, my first of the year, chase each other as the sun streams through the still open canopy of a late spring.

Narcissus in Bursted Wood

Another swathe of Wood Anemone carpets the top of the cutting behind Barnehurst station's down platform along Hornbeam Lane. As usual the view was somewhat spoilt by the mass of litter chucked over the fence further along the Lane by morally and intellectually-challenged travellers and left to accumulate - for months at a time - by a railway company that never-the-less always seems to have the time and money to cut too much vegetation down too often and too short.

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