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Sunday, 11 April 2010

11/4/2010: Bulbous beauties in garden get-away

Suburbia throws up a lot of garden escapes. Here are some bulbous ones.

8/4/2010: Ipheion uniflorum, a South American member of the onion family, seen growing in the grass verge next to Thames Rd, Crayford. There were a few planted specimens, along with the odd Grape Hyacinth, but it appeared to be spreading as this one was hard up against the pavement some way from the rest.

10/4/2010: Narcissus are a common sight on railway embankments around London. Most look like 'developed' cultivars rather than seedlings reverting to a 'wild type', so are presumably thrown over fences while dormant and get covered in enough leaf litter and soil wash, and stay moist enough, to get a foothold and bulk up. These are just east of Bexleyheath station.

11/4/2010: Grape Hyacinths (Muscari) make a fine show backed by the bright yellow of a mass of Dandelions in this garden on Hounslow

11/4/2010: In some places the Grape Hyacinths had escaped into the grass verge between front gardens and the pavement. Here a few specimens make a colourful mix with Dandelion and Daisy

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