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Saturday, 17 April 2010

17/4/10; Cowslips, birds and burning on the Cray and Darent

Bird numbers and species continue to dwindle on the drying flooded fields by Bob Dunn Way. Today on the 'south field' a Coot, a couple of Shelduck, 3 Mallard (one with ducklings), 2-3 Lapwings and 26 Starlings. In the 'north field' a Grey Heron landed and there were two pairs of Gadwall.

The GOOD find of the day was a patch of Cowslips with around 70 flowering stems between them:

Cowslips on Dartford Marshes

The BAD and the UGLY was this huge polluting fire on land to to south of the Cray, as I made my way back past Thames Rd Wetland at dusk.

Black smoke spreads across the Cray and well to the north of Crayford Way.

These pictures were sent to the Cray Riverkeeper Co-ordinator who was going to report the incident to relevant authorities. By contrast, two PCSOs on the river footpath who had come to see what was going on were disinclined to take any action.

On a more positive note, there were several Bats along the Cray riverside now it was dusk. One flew close around my head several times coming, maybe, within 2' of me. Appeared to be Pipistrelle sp.-sized.

There was a Fox playing with a plastic bottle on the grass at the bottom of Perry Street, not at all bothered by passing pedestrains or being strafed by the headlights of vehicles coming round the roundabout.

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