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Saturday, 23 January 2010

23/1/10: Hurrah - some new big street trees

Station Rd., Islington, north of Tufnell Park tube. Narrow pavements, railway line immediatly to the left of the photo. Not the most promising location for a great avenue of trees. But here we have a long line of London Planes on both sides of the road, interspersed every other tree with a smaller species (to be taken out years hence?). OK, maybe the railway and distance from buildings on the other side limit the 'risk', but good for Islington for thinking ahead to the next generation of large street trees, and not just playing safe with the small stuff (not that I've got anything against smaller species and cultivars - indeed there are lots of places where there's way too much concrete and small trees or shrubs could be planted if there was the imagination and political will to really green things up).

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