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Monday, 18 January 2010

17/1/10: Croydon Tramlink is Cortaderia corridor .....

I posted about South American Pampas grass colonisation on 10th December 2009. But here's Cortaderia central - unless someone knows better .....

Finding myself at Mitcham Junction station I decided to have my first ever trip on the Croydon Tram system. I first went west to Wimbledon, then decided to go back the other way, finally getting off at East Croydon.

On the way to Wimbledon there were:

- 4-5 Cortaderia shortly after Mitcham towards Belgrave Walk

- 1 just before the bridge before Morden Road

- 1 just before Merton Park

- 1 just after Dundonald Road

all these on the north side of the line.

On the way back (to East Croydon):

- there were 2 between the main line running lines just outside the south end of Wimbledon station

- 1 on the south side of the line just before Belgrave Road

- 1 on the south side of the line just after Ampere Way

All these records (11 or 12) were of plants inside the tramway fencing. Only one was noted in an adjoining garden. Perhaps the construction of the tramlink (started in 1997) provided ideal conditions for the germination and establishment of this species along the margins of the line.

East of Mitcham junction Silver Birch, Gorse and Clematis vitalba were noted in various lineside locations.

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