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Saturday, 16 January 2010

16/1/10: Apsley in Dacorum, Herts

I had to go to Apsley in Dacorum Borough, Hertfordshire, to run a training session.

There was a large number of what I took to be Common Whitlow Grass along an otherwise fairly bare edge to a closely mown verge, on the London Road by the 'Dunelm Mill' premises.

A Barbarea sp. (American Land Cress) was in a grass verge by the industrial estate on Kents Avenue.

In a wide grass strip on Stationers Place, leading towards the canal, there were quite a few large, badly frosted Goats Rue, and a lot of Vetch type plants in the turf - possibly Hairy Tare (although there were 6 pairs of leaflets on the sample I picked).

Behind platform 1 of Apsley station there was a lot of Ox-eye Daisy, some Wild Carrot, Common St. John's Wort and Black Horehound amongst other things.

The binoculars enabled me to get a positive ID on a couple of Jays high up in trees bordering parkland over by the 'down' side of the line, despite the gloomy conditions.

There was some Gorse at the top of the cutting side before Watford junction, and a long stretch of it, with Oak and Silver Birch, immediatly south of Bushey.

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