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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

9-16/11/10: Barnehurst garden update

9/11 - Wood Mouse in the compost heap

10/11 - Pine Ladybird (Exochomus quadripustulatus) in a gap between some stacked flower pots

12/11 - adult Common Frog active in the drizzle

14/11 - adult Common Frog active

15/11 - the current 'Fox in residence' (by which I mean my garden is part of its territory, though it doesn't have a den here) was around at dusk again, and this time came closer than ever - about 2 feet away from my feet as it followed its chosen route without bothering too much about my presence

The current 'Robin in residence' (maybe an incomer, maybe one of the three that were around a while ago) is also a lot bolder than the Robins of old here, and will often come within a foot and a half. If I'm working on the compost heap or repotting plants outside, it will quickly come and have a look then, if there aren't any titbits to be had it sensibly flies off to get about its business elsewhere.

16/11 - the first hard frost (although I admit I might have missed a previous one, being none too keen on getting up 'early')

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