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Saturday, 27 November 2010

27/11/10: Seeing the wood and the trees

A selection of tree photos taken today ....

Tree with a skirt of leaves - on the lower branches, and on the ground. Former Pitch and Putt golf course, north side of Bursted Wood, Barnehurst

The yellowed leaves of Sweet Chestnut continue to light up Bursted Wood, Barnehurst, in late November

Yellowed Sweet Chestnut leaves stand out against the dark green of an ivy-clad tree, Bursted Wood, Barnehurst

Tree silhouettes, Hall Place North, south of Bexleyheath

A row of trees stretching down the hill at Hall Place North, silhouetted at dusk

A deliberately blurred shot of a 'naked' tree at Hall Place North

Dead tree, Martens Grove

Trees in the dark, Martens Grove

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