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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

24/3/10: Martens Grove miscellany

Took a late afternoon detour through Martens Grove on the way home from Bexleyheath.

Plants included 2 clumps of Butcher's Broom near each other at the north east corner of the site, to add to the one previously found some distance away; Hogweed, Cow Parsley (having read recently that's it's edible and tastes like Parsley I tried some, and yes it does - but you must be sure you're not eating the poisonous Fool's Parsley or Hemlock instead ...), Lords and Ladies, Garlic Mustard, Wood Anemone and Lesser Celandine were also noted.

There were also a modest number of Daffodils scattered throughout the wooded areas, in some cases getting rather overgrown, so they have obviously been here some time. All were of this (to my mind more attractive) older kind of 'double', as opposed to the very full, symmetrical and often top-heavy 'show doubles'.

This 'old style' double Daffodil cultivar is scattered throughout the wooded parts of Martens Grove

There were also some unidentified whitish-flowered 'Squills' growing with Viola odorata, and these were probably also planted at some time in the past.

On the avian front, the following species were noted, amongst others:

Mistle or Song Thrush x 1
Nuthatch x 1
Great Tits
Blue Tits
x 11, working the tips of a largish tree
Wood Pigeon x lots
Great Spotted Woodpecker - 2 together

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