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Thursday, 18 March 2010

14-18/3/2010: Barnehurst back garden notes - first butterfly of the year


- 2 Dunnock apparently 'scoping' the Berberis at the top corner of the garden.
- Buff-tailed Bumblebee foraging on Helleborus argutifolius flowers


- 1 x White butterfly species. Looked purish white, rather than having the yellowish underside of the Green-veined species. Probably Small White then, but I couldn't get close enough to be 100% sure.


- Unfazed adult Fox came to within 4' of me at dusk. Seemed to realise there but not bothered.


- 3rd adult Common Frog in a week found dead out in the open. 2 on the lawn. One on a path. This has happened now and again in past springs. Fox? Local Cats? No obvious signs of wounds. One seemed rather emaciated.

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