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Sunday, 21 February 2010

21/2/2010: Ducks to water on marshes' flooded fields

The following birds were observed on flooded fields (above - looking towards Littlebrook Power Station and the QE2 bridge) in the 'triangle' between the converging Cray and Darent, north of the A206 (aka Bob Dunn Way - though why anyone would want another example of road-building folly named after themselves or a family member beats me):

- 5 Canada Geese
- Quite a few Gadwall
- Teal
- Some Mallard
- A rather long-necked duck with a rather 'upright' resting posture, with a dark browny-black head and rear of neck, and a long whitish front of neck with a couple of dark spots, plus a dark duck with smaller white breast (both of these eventually took off with a male Mallard and were presumably 'hybrids' with domestic ducks)
- 5 (+?) Shoveler
- 2 Shelduck

- and (slightly) exciting, simply because it's new to me for the area, a male Pintail (Anas acuta).

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