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Thursday, 24 December 2009

24/12/09: Bexleyheath miscellany

5 Long-tailed Tits were seen foraging along the southern margin of Bursted Wood. A Great Tit was along the path between the hospital and the railway. 37 Starlings flew overhead.

There was an adult Rosemary Beetle on a Lavender on Long Lane.

Coral Spot fungus was noted on dead Sycamore by the railway fence just east of Bexleyheath station, where some of the Silver Birches still carried a surprisingly large number of leaves - not only on trees adjacent to street/pathway lights.

2 Pied Wagtails were hopping about on the flat roof and in the gutter of the rear extension of Bar 2, at the junction of Pickford Rd and Crook Log. 2 Redwings, my first of the season, were spotted in a large tree in an adjoining rear garden.

A Greater Celandine was growing by 57 Lion Rd.

7 Euphorbia seedlings, looking like Caper Spurge, E. lathyris, were noticed in a 'building site' of a garden at the junction of Erith Rd and Long Lane.

12 Black-headed Gulls were perched on roof ridges and TV aerials in Rudland Rd.

Around 35 Starlings took to the air near the west end of Merewood Rd, and 13 Ring-necked Parakeets flew over towards Bursted Woods.

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