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Tuesday, 22 December 2009

21 + 22/12/09: Barnehurst and North Heath Birds to the fore

With herbaceous plants gone over and buried under snow, more attention has been paid to the local birdlife.

On the 21st, 28 Starlings were counted in the Horse Chestnut and Silver Birch just down the hill from where I live.

On the 22nd, there was a lone Pied Wagtail in Horsa Rd, possibly the same one seen not far from here on the 19th. 2 Blue Tits were in a tree by the alley between Northumberland Park and Horsa Rd.

9 Black-headed Gulls were seen wheeeling over, and taking scraps from a garage roof behind Hengist Rd.

2 Collared Doves were spotted in a large tree at the end of the alleyway between Hengist Rd and Brantwood Avenue.

As seen from Oakdene Rd, 21 Wood Pigeons could be counted sitting in the trees in the woodland behind the Catholic Church on Bexley Rd. A couple of Feral Pigeons landed on a roof.

There were plenty of Starlings and House Sparrows to be seen and heard in back gardens and hedges adjoining Brook Street recreation ground. Around 11 House Sparrows were flitting in and out of the hedge around the bowling green here. 4 Carrion Crows were nearby.

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