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Saturday, 9 October 2010

9/10/10: Crossness clover to Franks Park fungi

An LNHS bird-watching meeting, starting at Belvedere station and walking out to the sea-wall at Crossness. I took very few notes on this one.

Close inspection of the relevant piece of ground did reveal that the patch of Strawberry Clover was just about hanging on in a trackside verge, despite the effects of heavy lorry movements associated with ditch restoration and other habitat improvements. There was a big flock of Teal on the Thames. A Kestrel perched briefly on the modern Sewage Works building.

I took a typically long detour home, this time passing through Franks Park , Erith where a number of (unidentified) fungi, pictured below, were photographed.

Franks Park - east-facing bank with bramble, Broom and Oak

Franks Park with Sweet Chestnut to the right - a species typical of the woodland in this part of Bexley

Assorted (unidentified) fungi in Franks Park, Erith

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