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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

24/8 - 1/9/10: Recent run of moths, several Small Ranunculus sites

Despite, or maybe because of the recent cooler, wetter weather, there has been an upturn in the number of moths at the lounge window after dark.

24/8 - These two largish Noctuids were at the window. Look like they may be the same species, but I have been unable to identify them from my ID book ....

25/8 - A Small Dusty Wave indoors. This Willow Beauty at the window after dark ....

26/8 - A Vine's Rustic at the window after dark.

30/8 - A Male Orange Swift ditto

1/9 - Small Ranunculus moth caterpillar hunting has turned productive. 4 lots of caterpillars were found on Prickly Lettuce in 3 disjunct locations today. The largest number were in the otherwise rather bare surroundings of the Cray Riverkeeper Volunteers yard by Footpath 106 behind Crayford Way, with 11 on one plant and 2 on another. There was a single caterpillar further along the riverbank towards Crayford town centre. 2 were on the tallest of several Prickly Lettuce in a shrub bed at the junction of Iron Mill Lane and Thames Road. 4 more were on a circa 4' tall specimen on the demolition site where until recently stood 'The Harrow' pub on Northend Rd.

There were several 20mm long matt black caterpillars at tops of Hoary Mustard flowering stems at Thames Rd Wetland, occuring singly where there were still flowers open at shoot tips. These have yet to be identified.

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