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Thursday, 12 August 2010

12/8/10: More solo Thames Road wetland work and new species

A mix of recording and some solo site management - laboriously shearing unobtrusive pathways along water courses and creating 'windows' in the taller marginal vegetation (Gypsywort, Great Willowherb) so that Odonata etc. can be seen, and litter-picking.

The contractor-planted shrubs (species not local to the site) have suffered badly in the drought, especially being on steep south-facing slopes. A bit of recent rain has improved matters a bit.

Guelder Rose in fruit on the Thames Rd bank

A Brassica Bug (Eurydema oleracea), a new record for the site, was found on this shrub.

There was a Grey Heron in the river Wansunt. On the eastern side of the Wansunt a Roesel's Bush Cricket was heard, then seen, Creeping Thistle was found which - for the first time I've noticed - carried the stem gall caused by the fly Urophora cardui and there were a couple of Perennial Sow Thistles on a bank in the eastern pools. All three species constitute new records for the site.

This Goosefoot with strongly toothed leaves was in the 'Pallet Yard' south of the Sewer Pipe Embankment, and has yet to be identified

Also in the Pallet Yard was this (new record) patch of Common Fleabane

There was a party of Long-tailed Tits flitting about.

There were some good Blackberries up on the embankment, and the lone Fennel plant was now in flower, the Dittander was going over and 4 juvenile Goldfinches were seen.

This very worn Comma landed on the trackway at the east end of the TRW on my way back

There's a lot of Vervain on this stony part of the site.

This Buddleia by the Cray is distinctive on account of the amount of branching **within** the flower spikes

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