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Friday, 29 May 2009

29/5/09: At home on Erith Rd hill

Here are some plants to be found up the hill from Barnehurst to Northumberland Heath:

Bracken growing out of the retaining wall on the east side.

This picture of Buck's-horn Plantain (Plantago coronopus), often seen in local grass verges, exhibits its form better when seen here growing in the wall.

Knotted Hedge-Parsley (Torilis nodosa), the small ferny-leaved umbellifer in the photo above, occurs in the grass above the retaining wall where a 'slip road' provides access to houses continuing on the level. This is the first place I've found it within Bexley Borough.

Several Gorse (Ulex europaeus) under the tree canopy point to a sandy heathland past. If some of the Sycamores here were removed and the Gorse allowed to flourish, there would be a golden hillside welcoming people travelling through the area in the spring. In fact Bexley Council's Heathland Biodiversity Action Plan says that even the smallest scrap of remaining heathland is important so should be conserved and restored ......

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